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For your own knowledge and education, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE FROM US, Please Read this page. The information is free and what you learn may improve your quality of life, or that of a loved one and will give you the information you need to protect yourself from purchasing inferior or dangerous products. - thanks.

We have more information here for you on this amazing product (DMSO) than just about any other web site you will find, in the world. Also, which we feel is very important to you, is the fact that no other web site that offers a DMSO product for sale talks, even a little, about their own use of DMSO, and none talk about their use of their own product. WE DO! I have used DMSO, and now our solution, The DMSO.BZ Solution of DMSO, for over thirty years, AND I TELL YOU ABOUT IT. YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION!

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Man - Natural Health Products for pain relief.

Hi, my name is Raymond
I invented the Pain Ease and the DMSO.BZ solution of DMSO.

You'll read about my story in these pages.
I am wearing the Pain Ease Microwave Heating Pad

Hotpad - Natural Health Products for pain relief.

The Pain Ease Heating Pad The Bed Buddy Replacement

The DMSO.BZ Solution of DMSO

Amazingly Effective Healing & Pain Relieving Solution of DMSO - You Rub on Your Skin. Not a Drug.

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If you are suffering from pain, or have in the past, and wish to have less in the future, then PLEASE, spend a few minutes and read the information we are providing for you - it will help you reduce, relieve, and prevent pain!!!, AND actually help you to heal. Our newest product, the DMSO.BZ topical solution of DMSO actually promotes healing at the cellular level. These facts are supported by over forty years of usage, worldwide, and many clinical trials. We promise you, you will not get hype here, you will get the facts you need to make your own decisions, supported with real information. It is my sincere belief that almost every person can benefit, and improve the quality of their lives, by properly using DMSO. The DMSO.BZ solution is our own, patent pending formulation of DMSO. Our research indicates that it is unique in the world, and the product is really that good (I've used it for well over twenty five years) and this product is great for the normal aches and pains we all encounter in our daily lives- stubbed toe, bruised shins, minor burns, tennis elbow, twisted ankle, sore back, arthritis pain, herpes, some headaches, etc.

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Plastic Bottle & Industrial Grade DMSO Dangers


The Pain Ease, Microwave Heating Pad in Use - IT'S PORTABLE

Man -  Natural Health Products for pain relief Woman -  Natural Health Products for pain relief

Heat is One of the Oldest Known Methods of Treatment

Proper application of the Pain Ease, microwave heating pad, can reduce, or eliminate many of the body's aches and pains, and, used as a preventative measure, can actually prevent many from even occurring.

Please read more below- thanks.

Now, we would like to introduce our newest product:

The "DMSO.BZ" Solution (Patent Pending) of DMSO, and it's derivative, MSM (a Nutritional Supplement) Both Help to Safely Reduce Swelling, Inflammation, Muscle Soreness, and Pain and Actually Promote the Healing Process


Please, help yourself, and those you care about. If you are not familiar with this wonderful product (DMSO), EVEN IF YOU DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM US, read this introduction, and then click on the additional information link to learn more. Our DMSO.BZ solution of DMSO can improve the quality of your life. You will read my true story, documenting over twenty five years of my own personal usage of this miracle-like product. We have read that the drug and medical lobbies want to keep information about DMSO secret, so you will not find out. Why? Because DMSO usage would cut down on visits to the doctor's office and DMSO, itself, can no longer be patented, so drug companies can't control it and make big $$$$$$.


What Other Notables Have To Say About DMSO

Dr. D in his alternative treatment newsletter states about DMSO: That in todays day and age most sports teams use this wonderful pain-relieving product. Dr. J, in his health newsletter, states that DMSO is really a unique compound. He then goes on to tell about how it has helped him personally and some of its many uses. He also talks about MSM and how good it is also.

We have the actual quotes on file for the above two doctors, however we were recently contacted by a party claiming to be their representative and stated that his company had the exclusive rights to the usage of their names without permission. We have questioned this and are awaiting written support for these claims, however, for the sake of argument, we decided to take out the actual names for the time being. Mr. Trudeau has not contacted us yet.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kevin Trudeau, in his best seller, "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About", states that DMSO is a "miracle" product, and he further discusses why DMSO has been kept from the public. This product, and its amazing cures, has also been referenced numerous times in published literature and U.S. Government Issued Patents.


Because there is so much information about DMSO on the web, and not wishing to clutter up the site, I have not bothered to publish any testimonials, possibly to your detriment. I decided it may be of help to you to hear from another real person, other than my own documentation, so I have decided to publish this one, which was just received. Even though Steve has been gracious enough to offer to allow persons to e mail him, I will not infringe on his privacy, but will publish his e mail to us for your reference. Not everyone will get the same results, but they are typical of this wondrous product. His e mail follows:

 ----- Original Message -----



Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 7:26 PM

Subject: DMSO

I wanted to write you a short note to tell you how thrilled I am with your product. I found your website one night after trying many different remedies for the pain in my hip. I run a great deal and had developed a sharp pain in my left hip joint. It got progressively worse over a period of months until I finally had to quit running altogether. The pain would often wake me up at night if I rolled over in my sleep. I gained about 20 lbs. during this time and was very unhappy with my health. I tried other forms of exercise but they all hurt my hip just as much as running. I tried every cream and ointment that I could find in hopes that it would provide some relief. I finally tried something with MSM in it. When I researched MSM I found that it came from DMSO.

I bought a bottle of your DMSO.BZ and applied it twice a day for about a week. To my utter amazement my pain was nearly gone. I wanted to go run that very day. However, I waited another three or four days until I was completely pain free. The following day I ran without pain and have every day since. I travel a lot for my job and sometimes forget to take my 8oz. bottle of DMSO.BZ with me. After a few days I can feel the swelling and pain in my hip coming back. That's how I know it's your product that is responsible for the healing that is taking place in my hip.

My father is 81 years old and I recently introduced him to DMSO.BZ. He has arthritis in the knuckles of his right hand and he had found nothing that would give him any relief. After two weeks with your product he reported to me that he noticed a lot less pain. He uses DMSO.BZ twice a day now and can write and turn the pages of a book without significant pain.

Thank you very much for what you are doing. I tell people about your web site all the time. Please feel free to show my e-mail to anyone who asks for proof that your product works. Or better yet have them send me an e-mail. I will tell them what a difference you have made for me.


Steve Wal---


This, JUST IN (9-07)

From: Marce M



I have recieved DMSO in IV therapy for Fibromyalgia. Recently I have not been able to get the therapy with the DMSO included so my pain has been increasing.

I received my bottle ( solution) on Saturday (9/22/07) and started to use it immediately. I have not taken any vicodin since!

I have applied it to my neck, lower back, ribs, feet and forearms. Each application releived the muscle pain and joint aches.




Office Use Only:
From: Marce M
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Date and Time: Mon Sep 24 2007 19:47:16 MDT

Unlike Almost all other Sellers, We Formulate Our Own DMSO Solution (The DMSO.BZ solution), AND, WE PACKAGE IT IN GLASS, FOR YOUR SAFETY

The "DMSO.BZ" Solution is our own, specially formulated, solution of DMSO. It is so unique, AND EFFECTIVE, that we have been granted provisional "patent pending" status by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It is a well established medical fact that DMSO reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain, as well as actually promotes healing of tissue at the cellular level. This amazing formulation is applied topically, similar to some of the various heat rubs, which provide a chemically induced heat to aid in reducing sore muscles, aches and pains. The "DMSO.BZ" solution, UNLIKE heat rubs, does so much more. DMSO does not produce heat, but penetrates human tissue and promotes the healing process-Reduces and/or stops swelling, bruising and tissue damage, and lessens, and sometimes stops pain associated with these injuries. For localized, instant heat (many times instant relief), we recommend the Pain Ease, as a rapid, effective, very inexpensive, non-chemical solution.

Our DMSO.BZ Solution of DMSO Is Proprietary, and Patent Pending.
It Works

The "DMSO.BZ", patent pending blend, contains high grade DMSO (well over 99% purity), and distilled water. We then add to this solution a carefully measured volume of 100% pure honey, in a proportion which our years of experimentation determined is optimal for most uses. It is ready to use, right out of the bottle, unlike a lot of other dmso products you will find out there, that you have to mix yourself, and worry about the correct portions to use.


Ask other vendors to certify that their product is not "industrial grade". You will sadly find that most will not do so.

Be careful, if you don't buy from us, don't purchase DMSO in anything but glass bottles, and make sure you do not purchase industrial grade DMSO. Most sellers will not even provide you with a phone number, let alone talk to you. Most do not even know the grade of DMSO they are selling because they buy it from someone else, and it is most likely industrial grade, nor will they tell you theirs is not industrial grade- we do, because it isn't, and I use it myself, as does my family and friends.

[ Click Here ] for More Information on DMSO and the "DMSO.BZ" Solution For Pain and Injury And Learn Why We Use Honey For Added Benefits

[Our, Patent Pending, Proprietary Solution of Dimethyl Sulfoxide]

 [ Click Here ] to Order "DMSO.BZ" from Our Online Store. provides you with current information on health and nutrition and will make available to you the best, non-medication, pain relieving and pain preventing products available.

All products listed have been personally used by our staff and are guaranteed to be as represented. If a product has limitations, you will be told about them. We provide you with facts, so you can make an informed decision.

Thank You for Visiting Our Site!
- And now, our second featured product-

For Natural Health Products Visit Our Online Store,
or call 310-398-8939 to Purchase Pain Ease and Other Natural, Therapeutic Products!

The Pain Ease, Microwave Heating Pad

As Seen on TV - Introducing:

Pain Ease logo

(Made in the USA - Patent Pending)
Natural, Organic, Moist Heat
100% Guaranteed! *

Pain Ease Fact:

Properly applied heat expands tissue, promotes blood flow to the areas where applied, and helps prevent tension and stiffness in those areas. This can ease tension, and actually prevent aches, pains, and headaches in many cases. Pain Ease can also help you warm up prior to exercise or sports activities - THIS HELPS PREVENT INJURIES.

The Pain Ease is unique . . .
Imagine the moist warm heat penetrating your skin and soothing your muscles, but if you're frustrated from trying to hold a heat wrap in place, what's the point? The Pain Ease was developed to solve this issue, and many frustrations with other designs...

. . .Its soft straps and clips allow it to be applied and held in place freeing up both hands, its soft cover is comfortable to the skin, the protective cover can easily be washed, the length is perfect for the Pain Ease to embrace your neck and sooth away your pains . . .Pain Ease is made with natural ingredients. There are no coloring agents, which all contain dye, to cause skin irritation, and possibly even poisoning, as moist heat penetrates the tissues. Be wary or pretty colored heating pads, as they can be dangerous to your health.

An Amazingly Effective Microwave Heating Pad and Hot Wrap,
Computer Wrist Rest, AND Freezer Cold Wrap - All in One!

Pain Ease Helps Relieve
Tension آ· Pain آ· Migraines Headaches آ· Sore Muscles
Sore Joints








Man -  Natural Health Products for pain relief.

Pain Ease -  Natural Health Products for pain relief.

Effective Pain Relief, All Natural Ingredients

The Pain Ease is made with all-natural Ingredients and was designed as an improvement to other products we experienced; it is designed for comfort, durability, and ease of use. Its soft, handy straps, and snap-clip are unique and enable it to be placed and attached on any area of the body! (See images below). The complexity and lack of proper design of other products, reduced the amount of comfort we got from them! Thus was born the Pain Ease-The most versatile heating pad on the market!

Woman -  Natural Health Products for pain relief.

Have you experienced the warmth of Pain Ease?
We recommend you do!

Order Pain Ease Now Click Here

Or continue reading the valuable benefits Pain Ease has to offer.

The Best Hot Wrap, Heating Pad, Hot Pack on the Market, and It's Also a Computer Wrist Rest.

Man -  Natural Health Products for pain relief.
8 Plus Uses for Pain Ease
  Home Pain Ease, the best microwave heating pad, wrap and pack on the market, the Bed Buddy replacement.  Manufacturer  of DMSO.BZ, the most effective DMSO topical solution, as well as MSM nutritional supplement, and Wood Lock medicated balm. Woman -  Natural Health Products for pain relief   Keyboard -  Natural Health Products for pain relief

The Pain Ease was designed to be simple and practical in all aspects:

Why Buy Pain Ease When You Can Buy a Cheaper Product? What About Those Heating Pads With Pretty Colors?

Click Here to Get the Facts

  •  A soft cotton fabric was chosen to be comfortable to your skin
  • Various natural ingredients were researched and experimented with to find the perfect contents for the Pain Ease.
  • Pain Ease's are easily adjusted to fit comfortably on any body part
  • One strap is a loop for easy holding
  • Both straps have easy snap-in clips so you can quickly fasten the Pain Ease and adjust the length
  • Straps are attached with a special technique (patent pending) designed for strength, durability, and no irritating edges
  • The Pain Ease is about 18" to 20" in length so it can be comfortably placed over the shoulders, around the neck, or even be wrapped around your wrist for wrist-pain sufferers
  • We include a free protective cover that can be removed and washed whenever desired
Hotpad -  Natural Health Products for pain relief.


We now have available, as an add on, a washable cover that fits over The Pain Ease and protects it from body oil and dirt. While usage of The Pain Ease without the cover does not hurt the effectiveness any, it can start to look pretty grungy-the cover can be taken off and washed.

Special, Limited Time Web Promotion!

The covers retail for $1.95 ea (value $2.95), and, we are including one FREE with each Pain Ease Purchased!

Visit Natural Health Products Online Store or call 310-398-8939 to Purchase Pain Ease and Other Natural, Therapeutic Products!

Visit Natural Health Products Online Store or call 310-398-8939 to Purchase Pain Ease and Other Natural, Therapeutic Products!

Real People, Real Office:  You may also pick up your products at our offices, we'd like to meet you, but please call first.


The Pain Ease works so well that most users purchase more than one and also give them as gifts, however we guarantee YOUR satisfaction. Try the Pain Ease for 30 days. If you are not satisfied then just send it back, in unsoiled, good condition, with your proof of purchase, and your money will be refunded (except for the shipping and handling charges).

Products Not Listed:

If you are interested in a product, and do not see it here, please ask us about it. There is a good chance we have a cooperating supplier/manufacturer available and we can provide it to you at a discounted price. Give us the manufacturer, brand name and model number, a description, and any other information you feel will be helpful.

This site is sponsored by Painease Products, a division of, A company at the forefront of natural healing. Bringing you natural products for better health and better living.

Check this site often for information on natural health and healing - more information about pain relief will be added to this site in the future.

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The statements about these products have not been evaluated, nor approved by the U.S. F.D.A. and these products, and our comments, are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. All products are to be used after careful evaluation and consultation with a health professional.

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